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Control of Local Scour around Bridge Pier Groups Using Geotextile Armored Soil
Journal: Journal of River Engineering
Issue: Journal of River Engineering (Volume: 1, Issue: 2)
Author: Ali Nouri Imamzadehei , Manouchehr Heidarpour , Mohammadreza Nouri Imamzadehei , Atefeh Fazlollahi
Keywords : Geotextile layer , Scour hole , Group piers , horseshoe vortex , down flow

In this paper, reduction of scour around group of two and three piers using geotextile layer has been carried out for the case of clear-water flow over uniform sediment. The results reveal that geotextile layer has a considerable effect in both delaying and reducing scour. The effect of geotextile in delaying souring is more evident in third pier than first and second pier. Also when the width of the geotextile layer is decreased the effect of geotextile layer in reduction of scour depth is decreased as well. When the size of geotextile increased the delay time is increased. Moreover, geotextile layer reduces down-flow and horseshoe vortex in each three piers as the same performance of collar. Results show that the efficiency of geotextile in reduction of scour depth in rear pier is larger than the other piers due to a weaker down flow at upstream face of the rear pier. The maximum scour depth was observed at upstream face of the front pier for both two and three piers.

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Mahdi Moharrampour
Prof. Abdolkarim Behnia